4 Tips to Implement PLM Software Smoothly

  Handling goods from conception to distribution is a challenge that manufacturing and retail businesses face. So, it’s highly advantageous to use a tool such as product lifecycle management (PLM) software to optimize processes. It allows you to manage operative tasks in each stage with just a single integrated panel, which results in quicker lead times and lower costs. But, […]

Benefits of Kanban, Gantt, And Scrum Project Management

Kanban methodology concept is to get more tasks done in as little time as possible. This is the main reason why Agile principles and Kanban boards work well together. The concept is easy to understand. You can view a demo trial on PlanStreet.com. You will find that everything relevant to the project is on a single page. It includes task description, checklist, […]

All You Need To Know About AWS HIPAA compliance

Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act, also known as HIPAA is a law in the United States that protects the privacy of a patient’s medical records and all the other information regarding their health that are provided to medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, and doctors. It seeks to ensure that health insurance coverage is provided for everyone and also lower the […]

Features One Should Look For In Accounting Software

Accounting software makes it easy for you to track your financials health and monitor the money moving in and out of your account. From various angles, you can analyze your business performance from a variety of reports that are generated from the data. Also, there are many people out there who can be helped by the software to track bills […]