Understanding The Cyber Threat For Your Company

The cyber threat is in increasing trend with unauthorized personnel getting access and compromising to personal data. This intentional exploitation of the computer network allows the attacker to change the coding or completely erase them from the system.

These are a major threat for businesses because the exploitation of delicate data they have can break their relationship with clients. The cyberattack may also result in data theft. For businesses, to recover from a corrupt system is very costly. High-quality security is needed by businesses as protection from destructive malware and hacker.

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Potential cyber attackers for businesses

Nowadays, it is unknown who the attacker is and where they are operating due to the strengthened network of attackers. Some attackers come from:

  • Organized criminal groups
  • Business competitors
  • Hackers
  • Foreign government
  • Terrorist groups
  • An insider

Types of cyber-attacks threatening businesses

  • Phishing

Phishing is a mechanism engaged to steal data. It poses a trusted insider and tricks the victim to open a message or email with an infected link that infiltrates through the system exposing intimate data.

Spear phishing is done via email to gain trade secrets, financial gains, etc. whereas Whale phishing targets high position holders of the company who obtain the most sensitive information. It can go unnoticed unlike spear phishing because they target individuals than the whole company’s system.

  • Malware

It is a code that is capable of corrupting and spreading across the entire computer network undetected.

  • Ransomware

It is deleted only when the victim pays what the attacker desires. But there is no guarantee that the attacker won’t do it again.

  • Trojan Horse

It is malicious software that appears to be useful and legitimate but is packed with damaging malware.

  • Distributed denial of service

It is capable of shutting down the entire network by flooding it with information resulting in a system crash. This hikes-up the network recovery cost.

  • Password Attack

It is an attempt to decrypt the password illegally by an unauthorized user.

Detection of Cyber threat before they occur

  • Basic method

This approach includes businesses using shallow technology that allows real time logging and highlights suspicious events.

  • Emerging method

This approach is a step ahead with the inclusion of history analytics that compares the current and previous occurrence of activities.

  • Advanced method

This method sets standard network behavior that can detect the unusual actions of insiders as well. It protects sensitive business data.


Only when you know what your system is being attacked with, can you detect the attacker and defend your system using the correct mechanism. Therefore, it is important that you learn about your potential attackers and what they usually target.

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